Santa Cookies

Remember the snowmen cookies?
I used the other half of the package of Nutter Butters to make Santa cookies.

Nutter Butter Cookies
White melting chocolate disks
Red sprinkle or red melting chocolate disks
White Chocolate chips
Mini chocolate chips
Mini M & M's
Coconut flakes

Dip each end of your Nutter Butter into the melted white chocolate. While the white chocolate is still "wet", sprinkle some coconut flakes on the bottom part for Santa's beard. If you are using red sprinkles for the hat, use them now. If you are using the red melting chocolate, let the white chocolate cool and harden while you melt your red chocolate disks.  Then quickly dip part of the top in the red melted chocolate, leaving part of the white showing. Press a white chocolate chip on the side to make the pom-pom on the end of Santa's hat. Using a bit of melted chocolate, add two mini chocolate chips for eyes and a red mini M & M for a nose.
Source: Come Together Kids

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