Holiday Pizzas

For the Snowman: Make your pizza dough. Use a little bit of flour if you need to, to keep the dough from sticking to the counter and your hands.  Using a combination of a rolling pin and just stretching it with your hands, shape it into three sizes of circles and arrange them like a snowman on the pan. (My head was a little too small.) Spread a layer of Alfredo sauce on the dough and sprinkle on a layer of mozzarella cheese. Add whole olives sliced in half, with the flat side down and a piece of orange bell pepper cut in a carrot shape.
For the Candy Cane: I made it just like a regular pizza with tomato sauce, except  I shaped the dough for the crust in a candy cane shape and made the toppings in alternating stripes of mozzarella cheese and pepperoni.

Source: deliacreates

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