Cloud Parfaits

white puffy clouds in a blue jello sky
2 packages of Berry Blue Jello
2 cups of ice

2 pints of whipping cream
2/3 cup sugar
1 tea. lemon juice
2 teas. vanilla extract
parfait glasses or any clear containers that you can see through

Make your whipped cream as per the instructions here, but continue whipping it until it forms super stiff peaks. You want to make sure that it is good and stiff so that if will hold it’s shape later in the jello. Keep chilled in fridge until needed.
Now it’s time to get your jello ready. Using both boxes of Jello, follow the directions on the back for Quick Set jello, doubling the amounts, of course. Stir the ice around in the bowl for about 5 minutes until the jello has thickened and remove any left over ice that didn’t melt. It should be jelled enough to scoop out on a spoon.
Start by placing a few spoonfuls of jello in the bottom of your parfait glass, then take your whipped cream from the fridge and drop in a spoonful or two and press it against the side of the glass. This is going to form your cloud in the sky.

Continue layering the jello and whipped cream, alternating where you place your clouds so that you get a staggered effect.
This idea comes from Huber Hof Academy, but the link no longer works, so I can't include one.

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