Monkey Cupcakes

The idea for these cute monkey cupcakes...
came from the header of Meet the Dubiens. See them there at the top? She did a much better job than I did, but at least you get the idea. I could never find the instructions for those cuties on her blog (perhaps you can?), so I had to improvise.
To make them like I did, you will need cupcakes frosted with chocolate icing, Nilla Wafers, chocolate chips and mini Reeses Peanut Butter Cups.

First cut your Nilla Cookie in half with a sharp knife. There will be some crumbs. Don't worry about that unless your cookie crumbles.

Place the Nilla Cookies on the cupcakes to look like the nose and mouth.

Add chocolate chip eyes.

and Mini Peanut Butter Cup ears. It looks like she pushed them into the frosting more than I did. 
Or maybe she used something else? Anyway, I am not sure why her ears look better than mine.

There you have it. Even with funny ears, my boys loved them.

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