Fresh Orange Fruit Cups

I found out how to make these cute little fresh orange fruit cups at Filth Wizardry.
You should pop right on over there and check out how easy it is to do. She has a step-by-step tutorial.

In case the link is not good, the basic idea is that you cut the orange in half. Then cut a slice off the bottom of each half. Now take the larger portion and cut close to the rind, cutting the orange inside out, leaving a ring of the peel. Now take the edible part of the orange and slice it into four bite-sized pieces. Take the smaller end you cut off and slip it into the large ring of rind to form a bottom for the cup. Now put the cut-up orange back inside the orange cup. Top with a strawberry, maraschino cherry or anything else you would like. Use a fancy toothpick or cocktail stick to hold it in place and to be cute! I know these instructions are probably a little confusing, so if you can go on over to Filth Wizardry's tutorial.

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