Coconut Cake

 We made a coconut cake today for my best friend's birthday. We used the recipe from Hodgepodge and it tasted wonderful. It was not the prettiest cake. Perhaps it was the fact it was near 90 here today and we don't have air conditioning. If you go over to Hodgepodge you will see that her photo of the cake is not so gloppy.
All I know is that no one complained about how it looked. They were too busy enjoying it's taste.
The frosting is made special by equal amounts (2 cups) of sour cream and sugar and a large amount (32 oz.) frozen coconut.
I had never heard of frozen coconut before and was fascinated to find that it was much more like fresh coconut and really finely grated.
This icing is put between the four layers and then a cup of it is reserved to which a cup of cool whip is added. This is used to frost the outside of the cake. Yum. It was so cool and refreshing for a hot day.
Full recipe and directions are at Hodgepodge.

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  1. Happy Birthday Sandy! This is one of my all time favorites of Nana's recipes. Yum-O. I only wish I had thought to make it this weekend too :) So glad y'all enjoyed it.


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