An April Fool's Mixed-Up Dinner

We like to have fun on April Fools Day, but I think pranks are just mean spirited, so I don't allow them. A fun mixed-up dinner is a lot of fun with no harm done.
Begin with having your dessert first...
or so it appears.
This looks like a pie, and of sorts it is, but it is a chicken pot pie.
And if you have dessert first, you have to have dinner next. 
This year we are having mashed potatoes...

peas and carrots

and corn on the cob.
 I haven't found a main dish I like, so let me know if you know of a good one.
They, of course are all cupcakes and so really are the dessert even if they look like the meal. 
Sara at Best Bites, where I got the idea, used foil cupcake pan which made it look even more real.

To make the peas and carrots, begin by frosting the cupcakes with green frosting.

 For the peas Sara used green Runts, but we couldn't find any in our little town, so we had to settle for green peanut butter M&M's and Skittles. The carrots are orange Starbursts, chopped in quarters. Let me warn you, you are going to need a lot of them. We didn't have quite enough so more frosting shows through than should.

For the Mashed Potatoes use vanilla frosting and leave a little bit of a well at the top. 

Add a drizzle of caramel syrup and a flattened out Starburst (Laffy Taffy also works great) and you’re set.

Lastly, although not realistic, it was so cute I couldn't resist, the corn on the cob is 3 cupcakes frosted with pale yellow frosting and use Jelly Bellies for the corn. You could use a few shades of yellow and white, but works best is the buttered popcorn flavor, which kinda goes with the theme anyway.

Top it with a Starburst pat of butter and if you have any black and clear sugar sprinkles you can add salt and pepper. Sara added a yellow plastic corn skewer on either end of the row of cupcakes, which was really cute, but we didn't have any.
Happy April Fool's Day!

photo source
I found the perfect main dish for my mixed-up dinner, fish sticks!
Faux, of course, with strawberry jam dipping sauce.
  • Cornflakes
  • Sugar wafer cookies
  • Peanut butter
  • Seedless strawberry jam
  1. For the fish sticks, place a couple of handfuls of cornflakes in a ziplock bag and crush them with a rolling pin. Cover 2 sugar wafer cookies with peanut butter, then toss them in the cornflake crumbs to coat.

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  1. Ever made a meatloaf cake? The layers are meatloaf, the frosting is mashed potatoes. You can even get fancy and used pureed veggie for decorative frosting.