Little Snowmen Treats

This afternoon snow began to fall. It was very exciting to everyone because we have been seeing snow pictures from all across the country and have been longing for it. But it did not snow for long and the tiny flakes melted as soon as they hit.

But the melting snow did not stop us from making snowmen.
These would also be a great treat for those who have come in from the snow to warm up with hot cocoa.
To make these you will need:  large marshmallows, white Karo syrup, some black and orange confetti sprinkles (I have some left over from Halloween), and white sparkling sugar. You'll need some wood skewers and a clean paintbrush for each person making one.

The original instructions, found at It's always a party at the Parker's, said to take your large marshmallow and with a clean paintbrush, brush some Karo syrup all around the side of the marshmallow, and then, roll your marshmallow in the white sparkling sugar, three times, separately and  so we did this at first, but, as you can imagine things got pretty sticky really quickly. We found it a little less messy with kids to thread all three marshmallows on the skewer first, then paint them with the Kayro syrup and...

roll the whole skewer full of Kayro-laden marshmallows in the sparkling sugar.

Next we added the face. Using your paint brush, dot the back of your confetti sprinkles with a touch of Karo syrup and then apply to your sugared marshmallow...two black for coal eyes, one orange for the carrot nose and three purple ones for the buttons on the body. Some of us used black sprinkles for the mouth and some of us used a red Christmas sprinkle for the mouth. You can be as creative as you like. They take a few minutes to set or the face will slide off.

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