Pasta Salad

We love this pasta salad we have it for lunch once a week. It is so simple and yet very satisfying.

1 box of Pasta, any shape you like; we vary it each time we make it
1 jar of Green olives
1 can of Black olives
1/2 pound of grated cheese, any type you prefer. We generally use cheddar.
1 large tomato, chopped into small chunks or grape tomatoes cut in half
Italian Salad Dressing, your choice

We put the ingredients on the table and everyone makes their own pasta salads to taste, but the original recipe called for it all to be put together in one large serving bowl.


  1. So many fabulous-looking recipes on your blog! I don't know which to try first! By the way, I love the Charlotte Mason quote you have in your sidebar -- such good things to remember, such wisdom in those words.

  2. Thanks so much, Ce! I love that quote too, and have found it helpful to remember each day when I get too goal oriented! Thanks for dropping by and please come again. Let me know if you try & like any of the recipes.

  3. Sounds like how I make it at my house. I've learned it works better to let everyone make their own. Have you tried Feta cheese with it?

  4. Hi thanks for coming over to my blog. I just checked your posts they look yummy. I love the mini fruit pies with the numbers.


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