In the Kitchen and From the Kitchen

Today... beans went on to soak early in the morning... Quentin made a layer of watermelon jello in cups...

the dough for Molassas Oat bread was begun...

bread dough was kneaded and then left to rise...

a second layer of jello, orange this time, was made by James. Since the first three days we have explored the front yard and our street, I thought we would spend this day in our back yard. I had noticed through my kitchen window that the lilacs were in bloom and started gathering some for the dining room table. That drew the boys' interest. James told me that he had noticed that the apple tree was in bloom, so we investigated that, along with the sassafrass. Bread dough was put in pans to rise again.

Now, bread and beans are done and ready to be serve.

Hope your day was as warm and comforting.

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