What is Build a Menu?
Making a menu each week and trying to keep a budget is really hard for homeschooling families to do. I was spending so much of my time doing this, I knew I needed to look for a better way. Then I found Build a Menu, the brainchild of two sisters Karee and Lisa, who have 11 kids between them. My family has to be the most difficult family out there to feed because we have two that can't have gluten (wheat) or casein (milk products), some picky eaters and my husband is a vegetarian. I just want variety. Making a dinner at our house often means making several dishes, which of course, adds to our grocery bill. I thought that no set program like Build a Menu could fit our diverse and complicated family, but I was wrong.
Build a Menu is a three step process, but each of the steps are so easy, that once you get the hang of it, it only takes a few minutes to go from start to ready to shop. I have never made a menu and shopping list so fast before!

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