Breakfast Burritos (for dinner, too!)

1 lb. breakfast sausage and/or 1 can (or package) vegetarian refried beans
9 eggs (and a splash of milk, if desired)
shredded Mexican blend cheese
chopped onions, sweet peppers, cilantro and tomatoes (your choice)
1 package flour tortillas (or you can use corn if wheat allergies)

Whisk together eggs (and add a splash of milk, if desired) and scramble in a frying pan over low heat until light and fluffy.  In a separate frying pan, cook sausage meat, breaking it into small pieces as you cook. when both the eggs and meat are done, you are ready to assemble.
Place a tortilla on a microwave safe plate. Top with either meat or beans, a portion of eggs, desired vegetables, salsa and cheese. Fold over and warm in the microwave for 15-30 seconds. You can also serve this as a bar and have people make them to their taste. My GFCF kids eat them on corn tortillas and no cheese. My vegetarian husband has it with beans instead of meat. It is a very versatile dish.

Serve with fresh fruit. We make these for dinner as well as breakfast or brunch.

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