Make Your Home a Haven, Day Two

 Breakfast was so enjoyed yesterday, I picked out another breakfast recipe I have been wanting to try. 

French Breakfast Puffs
Write a handwritten note to someone.

Extending your love and thoughts to others by taking the time to write handwritten notes is a household way for mothers.
Tidy up your home.
Pray for the home to be a haven.

While I worked on the kitchen, the boys played nearby.
I was reminded  again that making a positive atmosphere in the home is more than a pleasant physical environment; it is also creating a calm emotional climate as well.
Take a few pictures of things that catch your eye.
There is our only sign that spring is coming.

Tuesdays Quentin has piano lessons, so I decided to take my camera along as the piano teacher has a lovely yard.

Taking the time to look at the beauty around you can bolster the mind and soul.

Just a 10 minute walk appreciating nature and human created spaces can do so much.

to inspire.
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