Make Your Home a Haven, Day Three

Challenges for today:
Quiet Time - spending extra time in prayer
Home - working on some needed chores, cleaning
Family - make a nice dinner with dessert

First, I have to apologize for my photos today. For some reason, I had a hard time getting any of them to turn out the way I wanted them!
After some quiet time, we had our morning's breakfast of the leftover French Breakfast Puffs,
but I also made some Chewy Granola Bars for tomorrow. They tasted bits of them as I cut them up to store them, and pronounced them delicious, so they are looking forward to having them tomorrow. I put chocolate chips in them, but the peanut butter mix was too hot apparently because they melted, which is why they have a dark hue. The boys seem to like them this way.
Then Katie and I worked on straightening up the laundry room. The two most active places in a large-family home are the kitchen and the laundry room. We have streamlined the laundry process, but with four loads of laundry a day, it still is a very busy place. One of the things we have done to streamline the process, is that we have done away with individual dressers in the bedrooms, opting for the family-closet style, leaving all the clothes in our laundry room. Each child has a plastic bin for their clothes (on the right hand side in the photo.) We have almost eliminated folding clothes as well. We have found that most kid's clothes are wrinkle-free and do fine if they are just placed in the bin and they are easier for the children to find in the bin. When we folded everything, they became unfolded as the kids searched through their bins anyway. We have also made the decision to buy only white socks. We have ankle length and mid-calf length, but everyone wears white socks, so we have a separate bin for those. We have a lot less matchless socks this way. We also make our own laundry soap and we love it so much, we can't ever go back to store-bought. It smells so good and clean, cleans the clothes better and is cheaper!
I didn't get a photo of them on the trampoline today, but this is one from last July.
It was a relatively warm day today (in the 50's) so the boys had a lot of fun outside on the trampoline. They also had fun playing in empty laundry baskets!
Simmering the garlic in butter while the pasta cooks.
I decided that I wanted to try out a new recipe for dinner, Garlic-Shrimp Pasta and Spinach salad.
photo from recipe source, Petra School
 The Garlic Shrimp Pasta was wonderful. I did not make a dessert tonight because we already had a lot on hand, but I will later on this week.
Now it is evening and we all are deliciously tired from our exercise today and watching some Netflix, soon ready for a nice night of sleep.
Looking forward to tomorrow.
If you would like to join us in making your home a haven this week, stop by

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