Make Your Home a Haven, Day Four

Continue in a few chores around the house
Bless a friend
Do something for husband

The breakfast bars I made yesterday went very quickly and there were some wanting more of them, so they were a big hit. This gave me a some extra quiet time in the morning.
I decided to make my husband a caramel cake today because he has been wanting a rich cake for some time now.

This, of course, made a very happy little boy as well as he got the paddle to lick.
I decided to clean the family room today. The boys all helped and that was great because it was a big job.
We had spicy German sausage and cabbage for dinner. We talked about ideas of what to include in a surprise package for Sandy, who we miss so much and I thought that might bless her.
I was planning to play board games with the boys after dinner, but they decided to watch The Muppet Show (on disk) instead.

 So, I decided to make the icing for the cake...
 and finish the cake.
Since half the family can't have the caramel cake, I made this Flourless Chocolate Cake for them.
And now, it is reading time before bed, so we will cut the cakes for them to eat while they listen.

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