Make Your Home a Haven, Day Five

Plan a Family Night activity.
Tidy: Start at the front door and work through the house.
Share the highlight of your week - from your haven!

I worked on cleaning the school area in preparation for back to school next week. Immediately the boys began playing with dominoes, counting bears and various other things at the table. : )

There was a fair amount of pretend play today, as usual.

For tonight's dinner we had Cashew Chicken...
and Broccoli, Shells and Cheese.

For our family night activity, we played games.

Dominoes was an obvious choice.

And there is always Caramel cake for desert.
On reflecting about our Haven week, I can't pick out one highlight. I can say that we very much needed this shift of focus from trying to get done what school work we could while still feeling ill to just getting well and making our home as comfortable as possible. I believe I have learned a lesson here for future times when illness goes through the whole house. I think the concept of the home as a haven can ripple out in all sorts of ways, to include neighbors, friends, garden and such as well as family and home.

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