Friday's Flowers: Black-Eyed Susans

This Friday's bouquet is a mixture of Black-Eyed Susans, Rose of Sharon, miniature Zinnias and Lemon Balm.

The Black-eyed Susan,

sometimes thought of as a weed, sometimes as a wildflower and sometimes a garden flower, is Maryland's state flower. It tends to take over a flower garden, spreading very quickly, so it can be a great groundcover. It is drought resistant. Herbalists use it for various symptoms from sores and swellings to earaches. In cut flower vases it last about 5 days.

Join us at FIMBY with pictures of your cut flowers.


  1. The black eyed susan is my "official" icon (you'll see it in your url bar for example when you visit FIMBY). Anyway, I personally do not consider it a weed! And if so, it's one of the prettiest weeds I know.

  2. The black eyed susan are so pretty!I wonder in what form they are used in for earaches?

  3. Juice from the roots...but I have never tried it myself.


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