Friday's Flowers: July 16 Edition: Adding Fragrant Herbs to Bouquets: Mint

Sometimes I like to add fragrant herbs to my fresh flower bouquets.
Mint smells wonderful, adding a new dimension of pleasure to the bouquet... and has lovely rows of little white flowers.
You will only need a few bright flowers in the bouquet because the greenery and the little white flowers do much to showcase the flowers.

Mint is so easy to grow, that it is sometimes considered a nuisance. I don't know why. When it becomes too plentiful, I just have my husband mow them and they leave their lovely smell and in time grow back again.
You can also the mint in recipes. Mint tea is an obvious one, but there is also Minted Potato Salad and Gyros.

Next time you pick some fresh flowers, try adding a fragrant herb. Let me know how you like it.
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  1. I love the herbs. A myriad of greens is just as pretty. now you got me thinking :)

    happy day!


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